What does SourceAmerica do and how can they get you a job?

     Are you someone who is looking for a job and finding it hard to get one? Do you have a severe disability that seems to be stopping companies and other businesses from hiring you?

If so, you should be contacting SourceAmerica. An organization that specializes in helping people with disabilities get jobs.

How does SourceAmerica help you get a job? -- The organization works with governmental agencies, large corporations and small businesses. They have contracts with each of these entities. Contracts that are specifically meant to be filled with jobs for people with disabilities.

SourceAmerica works through non-profit organizations around the country. These non-profits recommend people with disabilities that are known to their organization. These people are then interviewed for positions SourceAmerica is trying to fill. If they have the right skills and the right experience, they will be given a job.

How can you contact SourceAmerica? -- As SourceAmerica generally works through non-profits in your area, you should find out which non-profits it works with.

You can either contact non-profits in your area that help people with disabilities, and ask if they work with SourceAmerica, or you can contact SourceAmerica for a list of the organizations they work with.

Either way, you should be able to get an interview for a job you may be interested in within just a few weeks. If you interview well, chances are the job will be yours.

 Do you have to pay? -- No, as SourceAmerica is a non-profit organization, all of the work they do getting people jobs is done completely free for the person who is being hired.

 They are funded by donations and by grants from government agencies and large corporations, so none of the cost of their services will be handed down to you.

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