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Source America founded in 1974 is a national nonprofit agency. This agency's location is 8401 Old Courthouse Rd, Vienna, VA 22182. Source America supports nonprofit agencies, who participate in the AbilityOne Program. Source America helps AbilityOne provide employment opportunities to blind people and others with significant disabilities. Source America and AbilityOne acquire goods and services by obtaining federal contracts. AbilityOne is a federal government agency.

Source America supports more than 1200 nonprofit agencies and federal organizations. They assist these federal organizations with regulatory and legislative matters. Source America, also assist with communications and public relations material. Source America helps these agencies, and organizations provide the professional training necessary for quality contract management. Source America has collaborated with nonprofits to connected 125,000 people, who have disabilities, with employment.

Source America strongly believes that what is good for America can be good for business. Source America uses expert contract experience to provide exemplary service to corporate, and government customers. Source America connect contracts, for goods and services, to nonprofits who provide people who have disabilities with employment. Souce America works diligently to meet all requirements, and provide cost-effective solutions to provide people with disabilities, employment.

Source America is on a mission to connect people, who have disabilities, with employment. They believe having employment promotes good self-esteem and independence. Source America believes that everyone should be able to obtain meaningful employment. There are still millions of people with disabilities unemployed, and Source America is doing everything possible to change that. As a nonprofit, you work closely with your clients, and you know how talented and capable they are. You want them to be able to use their capabilities in a rewarding job. Connect with Source America, and work together to get your clients the employment they deserve. Click on SourceAmerica - AFB Directory Profile for more details.